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Extractor Nail Pliers

Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers

SKU: HL1121
Price inc GST:$36.95

EXTRACTOR NAIL PLIERS   Remove slender or damaged, short or long, headed or smooth, nails, tacks, screws, staples and other fasteners, in a single easy motion. The large curved heel enables nails to be easily pulled through with minimal damage to the surface. Ideal for removal of tacks, pneumatic fasteners and other nails from upholstery and from edging strips during carpet replacement. These NEW and PATENTED simple but effective EXTRACTOR NAIL PLIERS feature parallel auto-locking jaws. No more snapping or shearing that results from the use of traditional front-end nippers, claw hammers, pry bars and other grippers. Save time, money and frustration and get to hard to reach places that other tools cannot reach. EXTRACTOR NAIL PLIERS work just great for when you need to re-use trim and mouldings in restoration work, remodelling, salvage, electrical, crafts and a million other uses by the trades and around the home. TWO YEAR WARRANTY by EXCALIBUR SINGLE EASY MOTION to pull through or remove all staples, tacks, nails etc. SNAPPING OR SHEARING MINIMISED by patented, parallel, auto locking jaws. EXTRA STRONG GRIP by serrated teeth. MAXIMUM CONTACT with all of the exposed fastener. GRIPPING FORCE INCREASES as extraction gets tougher. REDUCED SURFACE DAMAGE by large curved heel. GREATER LEVERAGE from longer length. MORE COMFORT with non-slip soft grip handles.

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