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Cylinder Burr, 1/8"(Shaft diameter)x1/4"(Head diameter)x1/2"(Head length)

Cylinder Carbide Tipped fast cutting burr, 1/8"(Shaft diameter)x1/4""(Head diameter)x1/2"(Head length) Long lasting tool designed for use with rotary hand tools/drills with speeds of 4000 rpm or more. Effective on "difficult to cut" materials such as: Fibre glass, Wood, Rubber, Silicone, Plastic, Polyurethane, Epoxies. Extremely sharp, long wearing conical teeth provide superior stock removal and WILL NOT LOAD/CLOG on most materials. They remove material with smooth cutting action, making them very easy to control. Available in a wide range of shapes and shaft sizes. NOT FOR USE ON METAL.

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