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XTRAKTOR 100M 5-piece Set 6-12mm (1/4"-1/2")

Xtraktor - Damaged Nut, Bolt & Stud Remover 100M

Price inc GST:$9.99

Xtraktor   Damaged Nut, Bolt & Stud Remover 18-30 teeth grip and work when all others fail. Pass-through design for any length bolts and studs. Quick release feature; just tap and fastener releases. Mark-proof holder won’t scratch polished surfaces, stores easily in toolboxes. Flush face teeth allow the immediate gripping action - even on round head bolts and pan head screws. XTRAKTOR has pass-through design that works with any length bolt or stud. 18-30 teeth can grab and rusted, rounded, damaged or stuck fastener Use with spanners or impact wrench. Hundreds of home and workshop uses! * Lawnmowers     *Washers        *Dryers        *Trucks    *Outside Lights  *Tractors           *Jet Skis         *Swing Sets  *Boats     *Roof Screws    *Fences                 *Outdoor Furntiure          *Chain Saws       *BBQs    etc etc

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