EXCALIBUR Fibre Cement Shears Alliance Air Motor

Fibre Cement Shears - Alliance Air Motor

Price inc GST:$431.54

Excalibur’s Fibre Cement Shears cut up to 9mm fibre cement sheet (not compressed) or up to 6mm compressed fibre cement sheet or up to 13mm plasterboard with ease, speed, power and manoeuvrability. Saves professional time and labour costs. Light, well balanced and offers a firm, safe grip. All EXCALIBUR cutting heads can be easily rotated by the user to anywhere in 360 degrees to select the most comfortable position for cutting. The key provided loosens the two set/grub screws which secure the head to the motor. Allows easy cutting of difficult non straight edges. Complete unit with powerful Alliance air motor (4cfm) factory fitted and tested, ready to use. 2 year Warranty. Compact to give you access to usually inaccessible areas. Clear visibility to cutting points and cutting lines. Shearing action is smooth, quick and well controlled. Leaves cut sections without distortion, marks or waste. Gives you full control and manoeuvrability with one hand on the cutter and operating switch and one hand on the material. Head easliy swapped with Excalibur Sheet Metal Cutting Head (not included). Spare Parts are available, please call us direct to organise shipment.